I liked to build models, though in recent years I've not done much. The majority are starships or space vessels, some I paint, some I don't. It started harmlessly enough, a Tie Interceptor, but over time the collection had grown. Ships of all kinds, starships, shuttles, fighters, alien craft of all sort. To look at my room would be as if a battle fleet was massing, Star Wars against Star Trek, Dark against Light, Federation against everybody else. A bit crowded, and a little over whelming at times, "That's okay," I'd say, "there's always room for one more."

I have quite a collection of action figures. From Star Trek: TNG, nearly every seaQuest figure, all the main characters from DS9 plus a couple more, all four Star Trek Ninja Turtles (was just too cool to pass it up), only half the crew of Voyager, all the Babylon 5 figures and a few Star Wars figures, Luke, Han, Yoda, several FarScape figures.  Like the others, this part of my collecting has slowed considerably in the past few years

Another collection of mine is Mad and Cracked Magazines. I try to keep them in mint to excellent condition. A few are left over from when I was younger, so they are not in the best of shape. Torn, dirty, pages missing; that sort of thing. Currently my collection is up to, I would guess, 250-300 magazines, I stopped bothering trying to count them. Seems every time I get started, I end up reading them again. I can't make an accurate count if I keep getting distracted like that.

I was really into collecting Disney stuffed animals for awhile, but other things have since taken their place. I will however NOT part with my collection. I've got a long shelf stuffed with the plushies. Also every once in awhile, when I go to Disneyland I'll get another one to add to the pile. That's part of the rules I set for myself; each must come from Disneyland, anywhere else, like The Disney Store, is cheating. Recently I've added a Tinkerbell to my collection.

A past yearly hobby of mine was going to the San Diego Comic Convention International, sometime in July or August. It  was a lot of fun, and I didn't go for the comics, as the name of the convention suggests, but for the oh so many other things to see. The panels, discussing things from Sci-Fi, Comics, Upcoming Movies, TV Shows, Books, Authors, ect. The screening of movies, cartoons, and TV Shows, sometimes months before they to be released to the general public, or something special just for the convention. The many different people you can meet, from your favorite cartoon character voice to Francis Ford Coppola and everyone else in between. Heck, I had run into many stars walking the exhibit and merchandise floor, just enjoying the con, like me. I've since stopped going because it's become too large and crowded, hard to move around, hard to see anything. So as of 2008, after 17 years, I've stopped going.

Of course, this is also a hobby of mine, writing, adjusting, updating, and tweaking these web pages. Looking for, making, and adjusting graphics. Re-writing and updating those things I've already written. Making new pages from scratch. Finding new midi music. Then uploading all the new stuff, and testing, testing, testing. I always test a lot. I like to make sure it works the way I want it to, with nothing broken.