Rejected Summer Movie Concepts

"Liar, Liar II: Pants on Fire"

"Florist Gump"

"Indiana Jones & the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed of Doom"

"Space Jam Van Damme" -- Jean Claude kicks the crap out of both Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

"Great Big Boobs and Lots O' Swearing" -- screenplay by Joe Eszterhaus

"Honey, the Profits are Shrinking"

Oliver Stone proves the Internet is run by the Russian Mafia in "Amerika OnLine"

"Double Trouble" -- Those wacky Redgrave sisters take on the Israeli army.

"Missionary Position: Impossible"

"Field of Dreams II: The Parking Garage"

"Shyster!" -- AFTER the disaster, things REALLY heat up!

"AnnaNiconda!" -- Your grandfather and his wallet will have the life squeezed out of them.

"To Wong Foo: So Long, and Thanks for Staying in the Lincoln Bedroom, Hillary Clinton"

"Weekend at Bernie's, Part III" -- Starring River Phoenix

LAPD Productions presents "Michael Jackson's Private Parts"