98SaturnMy '98 Saturn SC2. This manual 5 speed beauty has get up and go when I need it. It drives fairly smoothly and handles very well. It gets pretty good gas mileage, about 30 MPG. All in all a very nice car.
Ah my Dell Dimension 8200.
Pentium 4  2.0 ghz, 40 gb Hard Drive and a 120 GB Hard Drive, SB Live! 1024 Digital Sound Card, 48X CD-ROM, 32X CD-RW/DVD. Recently installed a 128 MB GForce 6600 GX graphic card and a Gig of Ram.

TiVo Series 2My TiVo Series 2. They say you'll never watch TV the same way again and they are right. I use it to search for and record all my programs, love the live TV pause, rewind and so forth. I've become so attached to my TiVo I hate when I have to watch TV the "Old fashion" way.
My trusty Nintendo 64. Even though there might be better on the market such as the PS2, Xbox, etc, I still find my N64 all I really need. Besides, I've got dozens of games for it like Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask or Donkey Kong 64 which I still haven't finished. So until such time as I do finish them, I see no reason to abandon it.
The Olympus Stylus Zoom 70.
I decided I needed a 35mm camera of my own. I wanted something to take nice pictures but was easy to use, in my Olympus I found it. Point and click is basically what I do, with a little coaching from my friend Tim Jones I think I take good pictures, and a lot of them.
My Sony Walkman with G-Protection.
I've used this Cd player in all kinds of situations, working hard, sitting, running and it hardly, if ever skips. It's gotten bounced around and some what abused at times, and is still working well.

I've got my own R2-D2, as a present for one of my birthdays. This voice activated little droid is, in one word, cool. He stands about 2 feet high, and with a few choice words from me will play games, move about, follow me, dance and even remember people. Ask him about Darth Vader sometime.
My Cell phone, the Samsung A460, a good little phone in it's own right. It comes with several different ring tones, phone book, calendar, caculator, voice dialing, GPS and even a few games. It's got caller ID and displays the time. Buttons glow a nice blue and with the backlight, easy to see when it's dark. Light and small but with an excellent battery life, it suits my needs and that's all that matters.